Who lifted the toilet seat?

Quite some time ago I worked for a few months in the old Tourist Information centre that was down below ground in the Peterborough Cathedral Precincts.  I experienced one or two ‘funny’ happenings during my time there. A couple of times things fell off shelves with no-one near them. It was just as if someone had picked it up and dropped it. The trouble was – each time I was the only one there, and I was two/three yards or more away from the incident! A couple of mornings when I came in I found a colleague or two clearing up some things lying on the floor at the back of the room. That had not been there when we had locked up the previous evening!

On the left just inside the entrance were the toilet facilities – facilities that fulfilled the needs of both genders.  A while after I had left I was talking to one of the staff – now an all ladies team.  With a chuckle she told me that it was a good for me that I had left. My obvious response was to ask ‘Why?’ It was then that she told me that there had been a number of incidents where they had tidied up before leaving to go home – and when they came in the next morning, opened the door to the ‘facilities’, they found the toilet seat up! Nothing else had been moved!

It’s a darn good job I was no longer there!  That TIC has been closed for quite some time now – the new one is up above ground level in Bridge Street.  I wonder if things still happen down, below ground, in the Precincts!

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