Belated Happy New Year


I hope you had a good Christmas – with lots of things you hoped for and, I suspect, some things that caused you to think (sometimes outloud I guess).  That’s the way things go.

Well, after what was at times a very stressful second half of 2015, we’re hoping for a much better 2016.  The first post will be hitting the airwaves at 18.30 GMT today.  What I’ve tried to do with this first story, and a number of others that are w.i.p., is take a person or event (or both) from the past and see how a modern day person would cope with a similar situation.

Fingers crossed that it works but your comments would be much appreciated – good, bad or indifferent!

I’m really looking forward to 2016 with quite a few new ideas and stories at the w.i.p stages both here and my talkinghistory2013 blog.

Have a good year whatever you plan.



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