A disaster befalls us

Dear Mum & Dad

We have a disaster! Janine has been taken ill and we don’t know what is wrong. When we got home yesterday we found her lying on the settee. She was breathing perfectly but seemed to respond to nothing. She seemed to be in a coma of some sort.

We called the Doctor and he got here pretty quickly.  He checked her very thoroughly but could not work out was wrong. As a result they have taken her into intensive care and we have told them to spare no expense in getting her better.

We are all very worried about our Janine – and I’m certainly not being called, or feeling, Happy!

Our major problem now is visiting time. They won’t let the seven of us in together.  At first that caused some agro at the hospital.  No-one would believe that she lived with seven fellers at the flat – and when we told them that we did not know Janine’s home address, or her surname, or anything about her family they got very iffy!

‘Our’ Doctor told them that we were telling the truth and they, a bit grudgingly though, said that it was OK for us to visit Janine – BUT only one at a time.

Well it’s my turn to visit tonight so I’m off.  I’ll keep you up-to-date with how things progress.

Pray for Janine please mum. We’d all be lost without her now.

no longer ‘Happy’, Albert



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