We have had a visitor

Dear Mum & Dad

We had a visitor call at the flats today.  She was a middle-aged woman.  To look at her I would think she used to be quite good looking – but her face has gone hard now, if you know what I mean.

She wouldn’t say who she was but said she had heard there was a vacancy at the flat.  When we told her that there wasn’t one she seemed quite surprised.  In fact, she had the nerve to ask if we were sure!

We told her in no uncertain terms that we were sure – VERY SURE.  We told her that a person – one of our flat mates – was ill but that we expected a full recovery.  There was no chance of a place becoming available here – NONE!

For some reason we referred to Janine as ‘the person’ and did not say where that person was in hospital.  The woman seemed quite put out by the news.

As she turned and walked away I heard her muttering to herself ‘We’ll see about that’!

Funny – weird – spooky.

I’ll write again soon.


Love from Albert and my friends here.

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