What’s in a name?

Peter got permission to stay with Janine for a while but we went home.  Once home we sat and thought about his name.  It sounded quite posh we thought.  Doc is the most knowledgeable among us – he’s actually got some books that aren’t just for helping people get well.
Peter – he said – means ‘stone’ and was first used as a nickname that was given to the Apostle Simon by Jesus who said ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church’.
Stuart – he said – can be a given name as well as last name. It is, he said, the French form of the surname Stewart and was brought to Scotland from France by Mary Stuart, in the 16th century.
Lawson, Doc told us, comes from ‘son of Laurence’ – a surname of truly ancient origins that can be traced back to an ancient Roman city called ‘Laurentum’!

Doc really does love showing us how clever he is but sometime he goes a bit too far for us.  He had just reached that place when Peter came back from the hospital.

‘Her Doctor’s happy’, he said, ‘Janine is coming home tomorrow!’
You have never heard such a cheer.
‘We’d better get to bed,’ said Doc, ‘so we can get this place as tidy as Janine would want it.’

No-one argued and we all went to bed.

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