Now she’s home she said she’s leaving!

Yesterday, after Janine and Peter had told us about their past, we were all very very happy.  We were still all for telling the police but it was decided that no-one would believe us anyway.

Now – today – Peter and Janine told us that they have decided to go to Australia so that Janine’s step-mother will never be able to find her.  Not only that – they are going to get married! 

She has given us a letter for us to deliver to her father but we are not to do that until one month after they have left here – and that is this coming Wednesday!  In other words – by the time anyone knows anything about all of this they will be married and living somewhere in that faraway country.

We shall miss her, and hate to see her go, but it’s her life.  We shall just have to knuckle down and keep the flat up to the standard she would expect.

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