A visit to Janine’s dad

Hello Mum & Dad

Well, it is five weeks since Janine and Peter went off into the sunset.  Three of us went down to her father’s house today and delivered the letter as Janine asked.
We explained why we had come and who we were and gave him the letter.

He invited us in.  We were a bit reluctant because of how Janine had discribed her step-mother but he assured us that it would be alright – he was alone.

He seemed a bit quiet and we sat down while he read the letter.  He then said quite simply:
‘Gentlemen – you may care to know that my second wife dropped dead, suddenly, just over five weeks ago.  I wanted to tell Janine but unfortunately I did not know where to contact her.  If you hear from her could you tell her this please?’
We left him looking very old and lonely.

We checked the calendar when we got home.  The woman died on the day Peter first saw Janine in hospital!

It’s strange how some things happen isn’t it?
Take care of yourselves



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