A letter from Australia

Hello Mum & Dad
I’ve just had a letter from Janine and Peter.  They asked me to say hello to you.
They took their time heading to Australia.  She said that they stopped in Singapore for two nights on their way down.  That makes me very envious – Singapore is a place I have always wanted to visit.  Perhaps I will get a chance sometime because I am determined to visit Janine and Peter in their new life.
They are now living in Melbourne, Australia and, from what Janine says, they have a very posh house there.  She says that they are just ten minutes from the sea and that it is, of course, much warmer down there than we ever know.
She says that they plan to stay there for a while before setting up a permanent home somewhere.  It seems that Peter has lots and lots of money so they can take their time in deciding that next step.
What Janine doesn’t say, though, is when they are going to get married!
Some people can really hide things from you can’t they?
Lots of love

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