A background to the Domenech story

Hello – I hope you enjoyed the Jaime Domenech story.  This is a glance at the background:-

In the 14th to 16th centuries the Aztecs revered Quetzalcoatl as the patron of priests.  He was also credited as being the inventor of the calendar; of books and the protector of goldsmiths and other craftsmen.  He was also identified with the planet Venus.  As the morning and evening star Quetzalcoatl was the symbol of death and resurrection.  With his companion Xoloti, a dog-headed god, he was said to have descended to the underground hell of Mictlan to gather bones of the ancient gods.  Those bones he anointed with his own blood, giving birth to the men who inhabit the present universe.

The Spanish immigration to Mexico began in 1518 with the first settlements established in February 1519 following the landing of Hernan Cortes in the Yucatan Peninsula.  There were some 11 ships with 500 or so men, 13 horses and a limited number of cannons. In March 1519 Cortes formally claimed the land for the Spanish crown.  His conquest of the Aztec Empire was completed in 1521 and with it came the basis of modern-day Mexico.


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