Ian is trapped

There appeared to be a heck of a lot of cars in the ‘Bull’s’ car park.  There were quite a lot of ‘posh’ ones there. ‘The big-wigs I suppose’ thought Ian. ‘They get these and the people I care for have to make do without so many things. After tonight’s get-together I suspect they’ll get even less. It just isn’t fair.’

He almost turned round and left there and then – but he had promised Julie so he followed her through the door and into ‘The Bull’s Head’s’ big hall. ‘Yep’, Ian thought, ‘lots of people here for a free-be and plenty of big-wigs as well’.

Ian started to get edgy. ‘Why the heck had he allowed Julie to bring him here?’ he asked himself. It was then that he realised that she had gone off to ‘mingle’. He was now alone in the gathering.

Suddenly there was a loud banging. What looked like a formal Master of Ceremonies was standing by a rostrum on the other side of the hall.

“My lord’s, ladies and gentlemen” he began.

Ian’s heart sank. He stood all alone, in a place he didn’t want to be – and now there were going to be speeches! He cursed himself and began to head for the door. He couldn’t go home because of Julie and her car, but at least he could get a beer.

“Hello Ian”. It was Freda, and she was blocking his exit. “Isn’t this great?”

“That depends on your viewpoint.”

“Oh, Ian,’ sighed Freda. “Look, Sir William is just going to speak. Let’s get a bit closer and hear what he’s got to say.”

Ian was trapped.

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