Virginia Woolf comments

One of the books I have on my bookshelves is described by The Times newspaper as ‘Utterly compulsive’.  I agree with them.  The book is called ‘The Assassin’s Cloak’ with a sub-title ‘An anthology of the world’s greatest diarists’ and was edited by Irene & Alan Taylor and published by Canongate Books in 2000.

You are seeing this on 8th March or later but I am writing it on 4th March while waiting for a man to come and rebuild a blown-down fence!

Now for the quality – this piece is written by Virginia Woolf on 8th March 1918:

‘Going up the lift at Holborn the other day I stood next to a boy of fourteen or so, whose head only was visible among the crowd.  I noticed that it was an extremely interesting, sensitive, clever, observant head; rather sharp, but independent looking.  One couldn’t tell from his cap whether he was well off or not.  I came to the conclusion that he was the son of an officer with whom he stood.  When we got into the street I looked at once at his legs.  His trousers had holes in them.  From that one could judge what a wretched affair his life will be.’



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