Nellie Lant’s Nature Diary for 8th to 14th May 1919

Last week we had a couple of days with winds from the North with the rest coming from the South.     This week the wind is coming from a warm southerly direction and nature, as a result, begins to respond as Nellie’s notes recall….

Thursday May 8th: South East wind. Fields one mass of gold, being covered with Cowslips.

Friday May 9th: Wind in the South.  Horse Chestnut trees in full leaf and beginning to blossom.

Saturday May 10th: Warm south wind. Weather very fine. Pear trees in blossom.

Sunday May 11th: Very strong wind, weather warm. Cuckoo flowers & Clover in full flower.

Monday May 12th: Soft wind, weather fine but dull.  Willow trees one mass of yellow catkins.

Tuesday May 13th: Weather very fine and warm, soft wind in the southern quarter.

Wednesday May 14th: Wind in the South East. Lilac and Laburnum in full flower.

Do you have a Nature or Weather Diary?  If you have I’d love to ‘hear’ what it’s like in your location – and post the weather report on a blog.  If you hav’nt got one – why not start one?  I have started one and will post it this coming week-end – I hope!

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