Nellie Lant’s Nature Diary for 15th to 21st May 1919

What Nellie is seing and commenting on this week are some changing weather conditions. Thursday is hot and windy while Sunday is dull with strong cold winds. On Wednesday she gives us her first extended description of two trees.

Thursday May 15th – Weather very hot, strong warm wind. Horse Chest Nut trees one mass of blossom.

Friday May 16th  – Wind in the South-East, weather fine all day, but rained in the evening.

Saturday May 17th – Weather a trifle colder, rather a strong South East wind blowing.  Tulips in flower.

Sunday May 18th – Weather rather dull, much inclined to rain, cold strong wind blowing.

Monday May 19th – Wind in the North-East; weather very fine.  Elm trees are in full leaf.

Tuesday May 20th – Weather very fine; warm wind blowing.  Everywhere seems lovely.  The majority of flowers are in bloom, as though to welcome the Spring.

Wednesday May 21st – As I was walking today, I saw a huge Horse Chestnut tree covered with red blossom & by the side of it there was a Laburnum tree, one mass of yellow.  I was greatly charmed by the beautiful contrast of colour there was also something more, beside the contrast of colour, there was such a difference in size.  It seemed to me as though the Horse Chest Nut tree was put there to guard the Laburnum, it looked so strong and big.

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