Nellie’s last three days with her Nature Diary

Thursday May 29th – Chiefly south wind – very strong.  Honysuckle in full flower.

Friday May 30th – Weather just a trifle windy.

Saturday May 31st – Crops are growing fast and everything so far has the appearance of a good harvest.

So Nellie’s project has come to an end.  I wonder what she thought about it.  Was it interesting or boreing; was it something she would do again or a case of ‘no way’?
How would you have coped with it?  Would you/have you read the first week then left it alone; read it each week and are now moving on; or done a similar project to that Nellie completed?
I must admit that I have done a sort of ‘half-way-house’ – or is it a two-way one?
I have been taking notes from my small garden and I have also been keeping some notes from my ‘summer’ job.   That is rather more challening in that it is a magnificant 16th century house with a large and varied range of nature’s handiwork.  I’ll be working through the two very different sets of notes while June is hopefully ‘bursting out all over’ and will pass them on as soon as I can.

      If you have done a similar ‘Nellie’ please send a copy through to me on           ‘’ and all post elements of those as well!


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