Wimbledon stories you may not know

Are you watching the tennis at Wimbledon?  I planned to start this story-line on Sunday but some things got in the way!  Well – it’s not a story line – it’s a line of stories – but they won’t actually be in line!  Oh – to heck with it …… it’s just bits that you may not know but may find interesting …. or you do know and I’m wrong.  Whatever – here goes as starters:

Bjorn Borg is the youngest male player – he was 17 years 19 days old when he first played in 1973 while Boris Becker is the youngest to win the men’s championship – he won in 1985 aged just 17 years 210 days.

The women’s comparison is rather different.  The youngest winner is one Lottie Dod who was 15 years 285 days when she won the singles in 1887 while the youngest to win a match was Kathy Rinaldi in 1981 – she was 14 years 92 days old!

More soon.


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