1st November 1665 and Samuel Pepys goes visiting

I know this is being posted on 3rd November but it is my fault and not Samuel!  Why the delay?  I got tied up in getting some December different work completed.  That’s done now – so let’s get on with Mr P…..  Samuel and his wife are off and he writes:

‘My Lord Brouncker with us to Mrs. Williams’s lodgings, and Sir W. Batten, Sir Edmund Pooly and others; and there, it being my Lord’s birth-day, had every one a green riband tied in our hats very foolishly; and methinks mighty disgracefully for my Lord to have his folly so open to all the world with this woman.’

[Sir Edmund Pooly is the M.P. for Bury St. Edmunds and in the list of proposed Knights of the Royal Oak of Suffolk]

We’ll have another encounter with Sir Edmund again later in this month and one with Sir Edmund’s wife in August next year

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