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The New Year is coming soon

As I write this message Christmas day is 13 hours away – whether I am awake or asleep then will make no change at all!

As far as my blogs are concerned, things have to wait until this time next week!  Quite a lot has been happening here over the past few weeks – some good, some not so good – but all causing me to look forward to 2018 with confidence and anticipation.

If all things go to plan here, the first post of 2018 will leave my computer within an hour of the New Year.  It is quite possible that some of you will be able to read it before you go to bed – others, me included, can view when it suits them!

Either way – have a great Christmas; an entertaining run up to New Year’s Eve/Day and a great 2018!

I’ll ‘see’ you all in 2018.