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Round the Cambridge Backs in Spring

It’s Sunday April 18th 1915 and Nellie Lant is enjoying Springtime in the Cambridge Colleges.  She writes:

My favourite pastime is to go for a walk round the backs of the collages, especially in Spring when one can see all the lovely flowers growing in the college grounds.  The Daffodils dancing and fluttering in the breeze, looking like a flash of brilliant light.  In the wilderness one can see Tulips, Primroses, Daffodils and Narcissus making a wonderful sight.
All nature seems gay with all the birds singing.  One can pick violets, daisies and buttercups.  The last time I went round all the leaves on the trees were bursting, and the May was coming out on the hedge.

There are some soldiers drilling on the grounds at the back of the Collages.  I think the Backs look most beautiful in the Spring more than at any other season.


Oxford & Cambridge Male and Female Boat Races

On Tuesday 15th March 1927, the very first Women’s Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities was held on the River Isis in Oxfordshire.  Crews of men from the two Universities had been competing since 1829 but this – 98 years later – was very different.  In fact – one could say it was not an actual/real race.

The crews were not racing as the men did.  The first difference was that the rowed course was a distance of about half a mile.  The second was they were rowing separately – one after the other – so it wasn’t an actual race!  They were judged on various aspects of style when they were rowing downstream and on speed when they rowed upstream.  It wasn’t an easy task to base the competition on style and speed and more than once the judges couldn’t agree on who was the winner! They, therefore, decided to go by speed and Oxford won in 3 minutes 36 seconds, beating Cambridge by 15 seconds.

For the first race The Times reported that “large and hostile crowds gathered on the towpath” and The New York Times stated “a crowd of fully five thousand persons was on hand as a willing cheering section”

The next event – in 1929 – took place on the London Tideway.  For the 1935 event the crews took to the river together for the first time.  Oxford’s boat was sent off first with the Cambridge boat following thirty seconds later.  In 1936 the race was on the Isis River and was the first to take place side by side.

Now they race together – well not quite ‘together’!  This year the races will take place on Sunday 2nd April 2017 with the women’s race first up at 4.35pm with the men’s race following it at 5.35pm.  If you want to see it but can’t get to the River Thames BBC One will televise both races, with Claire Balding set to present over two hours of coverage.