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What’s in a name?

Peter got permission to stay with Janine for a while but we went home.  Once home we sat and thought about his name.  It sounded quite posh we thought.  Doc is the most knowledgeable among us – he’s actually got some books that aren’t just for helping people get well.
Peter – he said – means ‘stone’ and was first used as a nickname that was given to the Apostle Simon by Jesus who said ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church’.
Stuart – he said – can be a given name as well as last name. It is, he said, the French form of the surname Stewart and was brought to Scotland from France by Mary Stuart, in the 16th century.
Lawson, Doc told us, comes from ‘son of Laurence’ – a surname of truly ancient origins that can be traced back to an ancient Roman city called ‘Laurentum’!

Doc really does love showing us how clever he is but sometime he goes a bit too far for us.  He had just reached that place when Peter came back from the hospital.

‘Her Doctor’s happy’, he said, ‘Janine is coming home tomorrow!’
You have never heard such a cheer.
‘We’d better get to bed,’ said Doc, ‘so we can get this place as tidy as Janine would want it.’

No-one argued and we all went to bed.

The man returns and a miracle happens

Dear Mum & Dad

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday but so much has happened.  The man came back yesterday as arranged.  We had spoken to the doctor and he said that if we felt it was OK for the man to visit her then he would go along with it.

We told the man – Peter Stuart-Lawson is his name – that he could see Janine for a few minutes if he came with us.  He agreed. When we got to the hospital he came in with two of us.  For a moment he just stood and looked at her and then, before either of us could stop him, he stepped forward and kissed Janine on the lips.  While he was still bending over her he whispered – ‘Janine, my love, it’s Peter.  I’m here.’

We both heard him …… and so did Janine!  For the first time since we found her she opened her eyes.  He kissed her again and said something like … ‘I’ll never leave you again’.

It was like magic because Janine answered him!  ‘Peter’, she said, ‘Hello’.

We were dumbfounded and the doctor was equally surprised.  He did some tests there and then and pronounced Janine perfectly well!  She is being kept in for a few more days – just for observation – but the doctor says she’ll be home for the week-end!

What a wonderful day.

Love  Albert

Another visitor arrived today

Dear Folks

The place is getting like Piccadilly Circus: we had another visitor today – a tall, good looking, fellow in an expensive suit.  He asked for Janine by name; said they had known each other a long time ago but he had only just learnt of her illness.

We asked him where he had heard such a story.  The funny thing was, he couldn’t tell us where he had heard the news – said he just had.  It seemed strange, but in a peculiar way it rang true; a totally different sort of feeling to that we had about the woman of a few days ago.

He said that he wanted to see Janine but we said we would have to check on that.  He understood. We’re going to have a word with the doctor tonight and have asked the man to come back tomorrow.  We’ll see what we do then.

Only me and Bashful got to see Janine tonight.  Sleepy was tired and Sneezy has a cold so Dopy, Grumpy and Doc set to tidy up the place.  We need to have the place looking tidy when our visitor returns tomorrow.

When we got to the hospital there had been no change in Janine.  She still lays there looking as beautiful as ever – just as if she fell asleep five minutes ago.  We are all beginning to wonder if she will ever become her old self again.

I’ll let you know the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting.



Things are no better

Dear Mum & Dad

It’s been weeks now since we came home and found Janine collapsed on the settee.

Since that day – the day they took her to hospital – there has been no change in her at all.  When we ask, all the doctors will say is that ‘her condition is stable’. What on earth does that mean?  She hasn’t moved or flickered an eyelid since they took her into hospital!

To look at her, though, she hasn’t changed one bit.  She is still as beautiful as ever.

I can’t say the same for the flat though!  That has disintegrated into its old state of untidiness.  None of us have the urge to keep up the standards our lovely Janine set.

We are frightened about it all.  All we want is our lovely Janine to get better and come home.