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Some trouble with wine

One of the many nice things about the Ghost Walks is that people on the tour often add their own stories as we move between locations. I had just finished telling the story of the strange happenings that disturbed the workmen when they changed the old solicitors’ building in Priestgate to the Ask Restaurant – and we were moving on to a Bridge Street tale. One of the group caught me up and said that he had worked there for a while and had had a strange and ghostly experience. This is his story:

One of the jobs he had was to keep a record of the wine stocks on a weekly basis and advise the management when stocks were running low. He usually did this at close of business on a weekly basis. On the night in question he had gathered together all the boxes and loose bottles of wine in one of the upstairs room. He had then stacked the full casks in a circle – 3 cases of Sauvignon Blanc stacked together, then a stack of Merlot, half a dozen cases of Shiraz Cabernet, a few cases of Rioja and so forth. When they were all in place he noted all the details and left the room, locking the door behind him. Next door was the room with the computer that he used to update the stock information and then produce a list of the wines that needed re-ordering.
While he was doing this he heard two or three unusual noises that seemed to come from the room he had just left. He didn’t take too much notice though. He finished the updating, printed the stocks and need-to-buy information, closed down the computer and left the room, locking the door behind him.

He went back to the stock room, unlocked the door and entered – turning the light on as he did so. He then, he told me, stopped still and felt the back of his neck go cold. He said he just could not move. In front of him was the wine collection – but not as he had left it. There we now three stacks of boxes in the middle of the circle! Those noises he had heard had come from the boxes being dragged across the room.
He had the only key that opened that door; there was no other person on that floor – in fact there were only two others in the building and they were busy downstairs!

What did he do? He told me he said nothing, handed the week’s list to the manager down stairs and gave his notice in the following week.

As I write this the Ask Restaurant in Priestgate is no more. It is empty. I just wonder what the next occupants will experience!