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Chris Tarrant – a man of many rolls

Christopher John Tarrant was born on Thursday 10th October 1946; was educated as a boarder in Choir House at the King’s School, Worcester where he represented the school at hockey and cricket. He briefly became a researcher for the Central Office of Information before becoming a newsreader on ATV Today.  It was in 1974 that things progressed. For 8 years between 1974 & 82 he hosted the ITV children’s television show Tiswas.  Two years later – in 1984 – he joined Capital Radio and was host for 20 years.  He is probably best remembered, though, for his 16 years on the ITV game show ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’

In March 2014 he suffered a stroke at 39,000ft on a work flight from Thailand to London.  Doctors at Charing Cross Hospital, London, told him he’d had a stroke, and did emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his right leg. Chris recalls: “They were brilliant. I’m always aware that if I hadn’t gone I could be in a wheelchair. What happened makes me want to enjoy my life. I take medication and pills. I keep pretty active.  I’ve got a big rambling estate in Berkshire so I walk around hills as I can’t stand the gym. I think I’m mentally fit, too.”

Janine is home!

Dear Folks

Janine is home!  We had all set to and made the place spotless for her …. we just couldn’t let her come back to the mess we’d allowed the place to become could we!  Peter was here from the hospital and it is great having her back.  We don’t know how long she’ll stay though.   With us all together for the first time we heard the whole story of their ‘friendship’.
Apparently Peter and Janine have known each other for a long time.  Both their families are quite well off and it seems Peter and Janine sort of kept bumping into each other at social events.  Friendship grew into fondness and then into love.  Unfortunately Janine’s mother died around this time and it really knocked her father sideways.  Janine had to give up virtually everything to keep him afloat.

Just after then, Peter’s parents moved abroad on business and he went with them.  He and Janine kept in touch by letter but ob saw nothing of each other.  Janine’s father got over his deep depression and then rushed into a second marriage after an instant romance.
Apparently Janine’s step-mother and her struck sparks off each other from day one.  They argued about everything, especially Janine’s friends and particularly Peter.  It finally got to the stage where her step-mother was tearing up all Peter’s letters before Janine ever saw them.

Janine was still writing to Peter but – she thought – never getting a reply.  What with that and constant rows with her step mother she finally walked out without telling anyone.  That was when she turned up here – with us.
It appears that her step-mother wouldn’t let it stop there though.  She got a private detective to track her down.  He finally found her here and reported back.  That’s what caused Janine’s problem.  She came to see her, claiming that she wanted to make it up with her.  She had brought some apples for them to share.  Like a fool Janine believed her.  The apple had obviously been tampered with in some way because Janine could remember biting it but nothing else until she heard Peter’s voice yesterday.

The whole room went silent as each thought of what the two had gone through.  It was Grumpy that broke the silence.  ‘Disgusting’ he said, then, ‘anyone for tea or coffee?’

It really and quickly brought us back to the real world.  Orders were place and everyone started talking to everyone.  We were and are all so pleased to have ‘our’ Janine back.

Bye for now

Love Albert

We have had a visitor

Dear Mum & Dad

We had a visitor call at the flats today.  She was a middle-aged woman.  To look at her I would think she used to be quite good looking – but her face has gone hard now, if you know what I mean.

She wouldn’t say who she was but said she had heard there was a vacancy at the flat.  When we told her that there wasn’t one she seemed quite surprised.  In fact, she had the nerve to ask if we were sure!

We told her in no uncertain terms that we were sure – VERY SURE.  We told her that a person – one of our flat mates – was ill but that we expected a full recovery.  There was no chance of a place becoming available here – NONE!

For some reason we referred to Janine as ‘the person’ and did not say where that person was in hospital.  The woman seemed quite put out by the news.

As she turned and walked away I heard her muttering to herself ‘We’ll see about that’!

Funny – weird – spooky.

I’ll write again soon.


Love from Albert and my friends here.