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Nellie Lant’s Nature Diary, 1st May 1919

The war – and school – is over and Nellie is now a member of the 4th Cambridge Girl Guides. As with the other stories of Nellie I have told, I have a copy of her Nature Diary for May 1919.  First of all I was going to post it day by day – then I changed my mind to week by week – and that’s what I am going to do. The first two days of her diary are above – and included in the notes below..
May 1st 1919 was a Thursday – so that’s the day I’m going to start each 7 days of Nellie’s reports.  Nellie’s reports are quite brief but, as the days pass by, nature’s world changes – and Nellie notes those changes.

Thursday May 1st: Weather changeable, wind chiefly in the South, very gusty and strong.

Friday May 2nd: Strong north-west wind, but died down later in the day.  Cherry and Plum trees just blossoming.

Saturday May 3rd: Warm southern wind.  Witch Elm trees just losing their seeds and beginning to bud.

Sunday May 4th: Calm south east wind, very warm.  Lilac coming out in bud.

Monday May 5th: South east wind.  Blackthorn in flower.  [The technical name for this plant is Prunus spinose – the name “blackthorn” is due to the thorny nature of the shrub, and it’s very dark bark.   The word commonly used for the fruit is “sloe”.]

Tuesday May 6th: North East wind.  Hedges all white with May blossom.

Wednesday May 7th: South East wind.  I heard the Cuckoo for the first time.  A Pheasant and a Hare ran across our path.

Same time – same place – next week for report two.